SubliminalBooster Frequently Asked Questions:

What are subliminal messages?

A subliminal message is any kind of message which we receive without us knowingly seeing it or we barely see it. This message can appear in any style such as text or picture. Messages are taken in by our subconscious mind and used to help us with certain segments or thoughts. Because they are not taken in by our conscious mind there is no filtering that would filter out all the positive messages.

How does SubliminalBooster work?

The visual subliminal messages will show up as short flashes on your computer screen. By using this approach of subliminal messages, you can dedicate only a few minutes a day.

The subliminal messages provide positive statement and getting exposed to them over and over will create a new neural connections in the brain.

Are subliminal messages safe?

Flashing Subliminal Messages is a safe way to improve or make progress in self development. The use of subliminal technologies started in 50’s. If you are taking drugs, medication, and/or are suffering from a neurological disease or functional disorder, mental illness, emotional problems, or any medical condition, don’t use any of our products before consulting with your doctor.

How long does it take to see the results?

Everyone is different. This depends on many variables, for example your desire for change, your discipline to use the software, and your ability to relax and allow changes to happen. Many customers report changes in as little as a week, some within 3 to 4 weeks and others a little longer. As long as you state your intention for your goal before each session, and do so in a positive and cheerful attitude, it is only a matter of time before you will notice changes.

Where permanent changes are sought, we recommend using a product more often for a minimum of 60 days. This is roughly the time it takes for the brain to rewire itself, or to put it more plainly, to adapt to new patterns of thought and/or behavior.

Consistence and repetition are two major keys to physically rewire the neural paths of your brain and to succeed in this process. Some Major habits that are hard wired in the mind take up to 6 months or more to change.

Can I use SubliminalBooster for healing?

We don’t make any claims that SubliminalBooster or any of our products WILL cure or prevent diseases, neither SubliminalBooster or any of our products is meant or created to cure or prevent any disease. However many of our customers reported positive impact on their health.

Does SubliminalBooster affect computer speed?

Generally speaking No: SubliminalBooster was built by experienced IT professionals and is developed with high efficiency code. Unless you’re running several applications you will not notice a huge difference. You may notice a slight CPU increasement.

System requirements for SubliminalBooster

SubliminalBooster is suitable to run on PCs or Laptops running:

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Can I use SubliminalBooster for commercial purposes?

SubliminalBooster is for Personal use only. Contact us if you would like to have commercial version.

What is better Subliminal software or subliminal mp3/CDs?

mp3’s are good but are limited to a pre-recorded messages. With Sibliminal software you are in full control of all the messages. You can edit or create your own messages and categories. You can set durration and timings,etc.

Do I receive program updates?

Yes. You receive updates for free when they are available.

How to create your own boost categories?

Simply click “Add” button and add name of the category and messages. You can find more details in the manual.

How to write an effective affirmation?

The easiest way to start making affirmations is to put together a series of “I am” statements that summarise what you wish to have or feel.
“I am successful”
“I am happy”

For what can i use subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages can be used to boost and improve almost all aspects of your life. There are more then 300 different categories in SubliminalBooster covering all areas of life.

I get a message 'Windows protected your PC?'

This is a common message with programs that exclusive are not mass downloaded. Because SubliminalBooster is completly safe and free of any viruses you can easily click “Run anyway” (in some windows you click “more info” then “Run anyway”). If you experience any problems contact the support team and they will help you promptly.