Create Powerful Affirmations and Change Your Life

-proven by science!

Reprogram Your Mind and Activate Your Inner Power!

-using your computer

 Subliminal affirmation messages can easily help you Boost Your Manifestation and Reprogram your thoughts and habits in any area of your life.

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER displays affirmations on your computer screen at either conscious or subconscious levels. It works in the background while you use your computer.

Subliminal Booster  contains thousands of categorized Affirmations!

Messages will be visible for only split of a second!

Positive affirmations will flash on your computer screen for a just a few milliseconds, this is enough for a subconscious mind to adjust thoughts and actions!

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER will help you change your life, help you become more positive, Overcome Bad Habits, help you manifest more Effectively, and regain control over your life and emotions!

SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER is capable of flashing thousands and


of powerful, subliminal affirmations on your compute screen while you surf, read or work.

It works without disturbing you.

Using powerful affirmations with subliminal affirmation software has never been easier.


Create Powerful New ThoughtsImagine having brand new strong Mindset..
Boost your Habits!— Imagine having amazing new habits that you always wanted..
10x Better creativity— imagine having clear and creative Mindset..

A Quick and Ultra Powerful Solution for a better Life!


Boost Your Inner power— having clear confident feelings & having Positive Mindset..
10x Powerful Performance!— Imagine feeling so much energy that you can’t wait to start your activity..
No more Stress— Imagine Your Life Without the stress, relaxed and confident..
Boost your emotions— imagine having pure emotions that you control..



Latest Edition!

Choose from over 300 powerful pre-written affirmation categories or create your own! And let it run. Yes, that is all you have to do!

3-Step Easy Process

As it runs, it silently”reprograms” your mind, using its powerful and completely safe “subliminal mind technology.”

Boost & Reprogram Your Mind to Be Better You and Use Powerful Affirmations 

without ANY EFFORT!

The Huge Importance Of Subliminal Repetition

To achieve best results, affirmation messages should to be repeated just like when you workout in the gym and SUBLIMINAL BOOSTER will repeat affirmations as much as you need it to.

Results from positive affirmations  can last for a long time thus making you a highly successful person!


Adding new or editing affirmation messages is SUPER EASY with built-in easy to use Editor!

Easy to use control panel and unique features

  • Affirmations can be text messages or pictures or both -Subliminal booster software supports textual messages and pictures.
  • Add, Edit or Delete your affirmations -Built-in editor allows a full and easy customization of all affirmations.
  • Search through affirmations -Finding the right affirmation in the database is easy thanks to advanced searching mechanism.
  • Create new Categories -Need new category where you will add your special affirmations. No problem just click a button.
  • Choose Display Location -Affirmations can be shown on a diferent screen location.
  • Message Display order -Affirmations can be displayed randomly or one after another.
  • Repeat or loop affirmations -How many times should affirmations repeat or loop until you click a stop button.
  • Display messages time and duration -How long should affirmation be visible and pause between them.
  • Select Font of displayed affirmations -Fully customized font size,type,color,etc can be easily set.
  • Set message transparency -Set a degree of transparent visibility for messages.
  • Auto change transparency -This option will set a random degree of transparency every time.
  • Auto change font color -This option will set a random font every time.
  • Auto start with windows -Program can run its self everytime you start a computer.
  • Minimize to tray -Program will auto hide to tray icon when you start it.
  • Tray icon popup window -Popup menu allows you to control the program through tray icon and main interface.
  • Auto saved settings -All settings, edited affirmations and categories are auto saved and loaded each time.


Watch the following video on its use.




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Subliminal Booster will Work on any on any computer that runs on Windows operating system.



Please read the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find out more about the  Subliminal Booster.